What does a session involve?

bigstock_Eyes_Of_Sleeping_Child_933115A typical session usually lasts between 60 – 90 minutes.   I take a detailed case history and talk through the issue that you are seeking help with.  All the information that you give is confidential.  I then guide you into a hypnotic trance by talking to you and playing some relaxing music that help your brain waves to slow down.  Once you are comfortable in a hypnotic trance I deliver suggestions to your subconscious mind.  The detail of these suggestions will depend on the nature of the issue you have discussed with me but will always be beneficial and positive.  Even whilst in a deep trance you are always completely in control and can leave at any time if you choose.  After you wake from trance we discuss how you found the session and plan the aims for the next session, if another is needed.

I may ask you to do some tasks between sessions such as self-hypnosis (which I will teach you to do), complete a diary, carry out a specific task, etc.  This is to ensure that the work carried out in the therapy sessions is the most beneficial and effective.